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About TaskHoppers

TaskHoppers is an effort to help combat unemployment and assist with uplifting the community by creating jobs. It is also an attempt to assist people with freeing up some of their time, thereby enabling them to pursue the things they really want to do! Does this sound impossible? Read on…

TaskHoppers is a convenient ans secure network which makes sure that the things that need doing, get done – at the same time, we ensure that none of your precious time is used to do it! Our network is filled with people who are keen to complete your tasks, run your errands and do your chores. Nothing is too big or too small. Simply speaking, you:

1) Post a job for free – the TaskHoppers will be waiting anxiously!

2) Receive bids from various TaskHoppers… Review the bids, read their profiles and pick one to do your task.

3) Wait till it gets done, and we will charge your card and make sure the TaskHopper gets paid!

If all the unwanted tasks in life were this easily delegated, imagine how much spare time you would have to do the things you love? That’s precisely why we created this network! WE DON’T LIKE ADMIN!

We look forward to serving you…

The TaskHopper Team


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  1. SHYAM / Aug 23 2011 06:36


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